“The future of agriculture determine the future of mankind”

For over 45 years, Cymax Industries has provided the best agriculture resources to our customers. Yet today, the Cymax Industries you see has grown beyond just an agriculture trading product company. We are now on the cutting edge of future farming technologies. Providing not just consultation but implementation, management and maintenance of commercial or industrial farming across Malaysia

We’ve helped farmers for over 45 years, shaping the agricultural landscape of Malaysia with our range of products. Now we’re helping them reshape the future of agriculture as we know best. Together we create a better future for agriculture.


To provide the best states of the art agro solutions and opening an new window for better agriculture future



Continually provide and diversify our products and services to be a sustainable agricultural solutions provider.



We believe in the efficiency oa an organization is determined by the equal development of various value chain activities. The ultimate objective is business growth and profit at rate that is outperfromed the industry average at all times.

Our Innovative Vision

Our company’s innovative team has been researching and developing products that:

  • Making agriculture simple and easy

  • Executing modern agriculture

  • Less Labour

  • Enabling sustainable and precision agriculture

  • Environmental friendly

  • Allowing technology upgrade

“The future of agriculture determine the future of mankind”

Delivering our best in assisting farmers for the best sustainable agriculture practices with the latest technology to achieve sustainable production.

Our range of products are equipped with advanced technology making it excellent in combating challenges without abandoning sustainable principles; creating a better future for the next generation

We are committed to promote sustainable agriculture by providing our customers with a range of sustainable products.

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