Zeolife Bio Active Water Purifier


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Zeolife is formulated from the combination of Activated Zeolite and Effective Microorganism. Produced by a state of the art technology to ensure the optimum effect on water purification. The Activated Zeolite and Effective Microorganism that contained within Zeolife will provide optimal purification effect through triple purification function from macro-purification, micro-purification, and ion exchange.

Prior to contact with water, the effective microorganism will resuscitate from its dormant state and will be dispersed out to the water body. The effective microorganism consumed organic matter. The organic matter will settle and then decompose with the aid of the effective microorganism resulting a crystal clear water.

One of the main reason for water to become turbid and have a bad odour is due to the presence of organic and ammonia substances. Other than being able to help in the process of decomposing organic matter, effective microorganism is also proven effective in absorbing excess ammonia in the water. The ammonia will be converted into nitrite and then to nitrate. This nitrate will be absorbed by plants as a source of nutrients. This will make the water clear while removing bad odour.


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Zeolife Dosage Recommendation

< 500 Gallon / 1892 liters 10 Zeolife Nugget
< 1000 Gallon / 3785 liters 15 Zeolife Nugget
< 2000 Gallon / 7570 liters 20 Zeolife Nugget
< 3000 Gallon / 11328 liters 25 Zeolife Nugget
< 4000 Gallon / 15113 liters 30 Zeolife Nugget

How to Apply: Apply the recommended dosage based on the pond / tank size, disperse the nuggets evenly around the pond / tank. The nugget will start to dissolve once they come into contact with water.

When to Apply: Apply nugget once every three months.

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