Slow Release Fertilizer ~ Bundle

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Greenfeed® 大力丸® 12:12:20+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® 大力丸® 20:15:10+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® 大力丸® 18:6:20+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® 13:10:22+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® 12:16:4+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® 12:12:17+2MgO+3.0+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each

Greenfeed® Infi9 SUPER-K 0:0:54+2MgO+0.3+TE (20KG)

RM250.00 each
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Greenfeed® is a unique high-tech fertilizer specially designed using advanced technology catered for various type of plants, especially durian, oil palm, coconut and other crops. It is made in the form of nuggets with an average weight of 18g integrated with activated Zeolite.

Greenfeed® is designed to provide complete nutrients for plants needs. It contains all essential nutrients including trace elements required by plant. It can sustain in the soil and supplying nutrients continuously up to 6 months. Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer able to improve and sustain the soil condition for a better plant growth. This unique properties makes Greenfeed® Slow Release Fertilizer more environmental friendly while improving plant growth, yield and productivity.


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